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Name: Frederik Scholpp

Comment: Absolutely love your work! I will confess this is the style of photography that I aspire to. While I sometimes get results I like, I gotta say you are making my efforts look pretty second rate :) I admire and envy your work!


Name: Alixandra Mullins

Comment: Beautiful imagery captured from the depths of a vision able to see the enchanted realms from this earth through the lens of a camera


Name: Steve Diormer

Comment: Great work Carri I love this type of photography. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.


Name: Gaia Charis

Comment: I have just read your 'Fashions of Fate' journal entry. It's wonderful, inspirational...can't wait to see the pieces that will emerge.


Name: Vince Gregory

Comment: Absolutely love your work. As an artist in the theatre I well appreciate the time and effort taken to get your subjects prepared and choose the settings. I think your own story tells a lot and I can see the development of your experiences in your work>
Well done and I hope it continues with lots of success.


Name: Linda Schiller

Comment: Stunning and creative images and costumes! Right up my alley! Well done and continued success.


Name: Thomas Schroeder

Comment: Currently living near Lake Superior. Lake Superior Photos is a good site. hyper linked your site from Faerie Magazine-facebook. Lots of there photos are fun, especially the landscapes. Love the passion, in your shown work. Wish you and yours, the best. Respectfully,Tom.


Name: Sarah Portsmouth

Comment: I, too, found you because a friend shared your Facebook post about having one of your portraiture images stolen and entered into competition. Glad to see that it has been resolved, at least in part. Sometimes good things come from bad situations: I've really enjoyed wandering through your galleries. Particularly love The Wheel of the Year.


Name: Kristopher Esplin

Comment: Wonderful work - your portraiture is quite stunning; a pleasure to view
You are quite gifted.



Name: Vernon Goddard

Comment: Your work is superb. Sorry to see that someone has taken a portrait of yours and tried to pass it off as his own. Shame on him!


Name: Victor Gutierrez

Comment: I hope you get satisfaction anyone guilty of this type of theft should be band from competitions of any kind!