Lunaesque Productions was founded back in 2012 by myself and fellow photographer, Angela Harper. I was first introduced to Ange back in 2009 when she contacted me to ask if she could borrow some 'Dark Angel' costumes for a set that she was working on. At the time I was living in New Zealand and struggling to find suitable models and locations to work with, so I was really happy to meet a photographer who understood the 'Dark Angel' vision and whose work I genuinely admired. In 2010 I moved to California, where it was virtually impossible for me to set up appropriate product shoots, so over the next few years most of the new images used by the company were created by Ange.
On one of my trips back to the UK we agreed to meet up in Whitby and work on a set together, it became quickly apparent that we made a remarkable team! Photography is often an insular practice, finding another photographer who you can work with instinctively and intuitively is rare. Our shooting style and approach couldn't be more different, Ange favours intimate close ups, whilst I prefer to shoot wider from a distance, her work is soft and dreamy, mine more dramatic and painterly. It would seem unlikely that such different styles could actually work together, but they do. Our different approach to the same set combines to create a narrative that would simply not be achievable with one camera. As well as the obvious advantage of two cameras on set we also benefited immensely from pooling ideas, contacts, resources, skills and finances. As a team we were able to dream much, much bigger than we could working alone!

Over the next few years we worked together on many ambitious projects, along the way we gathered a regular team of models, make up artists and designers who all share the same passion - to create something magical. We have been extremely fortunate to be supported by one of the worlds leading cosmetic brands 'Illamasqua' who have regularly lent us their own talented make up artists. This has brought a further dimension to our work that we would have simply not been able to create alone.

In 2013 and 2014 we were awarded Alt fashion magazines 'UK Photographer of the Year'.

All members of the Lunaesque team have their own careers and public profiles. We also have a collective Facebook page where our collaborative and individual projects are regularly featured. You can find that here: Lunaesque Productions.

Lunaesque projects have been featured in many publications, both online and in print. If you are interested in using our work, please contact myself or Angela directly via the Facebook page or our respective websites.